Thursday, October 8, 2009

Un Cadeau

Once again I’m inspired by my Flickr scavenger hunt. Item number 4 of October’s list is “un cadeau” – a gift.

Finally, my late-night Pringles cravings pay off. (I also save cardboard oatmeal canisters for the same purpose.)

Inside the Pringles tube: World Peace Cookies for my dad's birthday, from Eggs On Sunday. And behind the cookies, sort of a gag gift -- a framed photo of his precious chickens.

When we visited my dad last month, he served homemade ice cream flavored with Mexican chocolate. So I decided to substitute the bittersweet chocolate chips for Abuelita Mexican Chocolate, something I’d purchased for my one attempt at dinner in the past six months.

It seems to have a lot more sugar in it than bittersweet chocolate, however, so I reduced the amount of chocolate in the recipe by ¼ cup.

These are beautifully simple cookies. Easy to make, especially considering the rolled dough can be frozen for later use (the holidays are fast approaching!), then thawed in the refrigerator for easy slicing. The recipe instructs you to take them out off the oven at precisely 12 minutes, warning that they will not appear to be done. That is true. I trusted the recipe and followed the baking instructions to the letter, and the cookies were perfectly baked.

I’ll make these again, but I’ll use dark chocolate instead of the Mexican chocolate, or maybe nuts. Not because I don’t like the addition of cinnamon, but I’d like a less sweet cookie, something closer to a bite of dark chocolate to go with my afternoon espresso.

As for un cadeau, I’m not thrilled with my photo and will most likely wait for another opportunity to present itself (ha, ha, get it?!) before I submit it to the pool by the end of the month.

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  1. I got your comment about Trinidad -- I really did love it there. And it is quite a small world. :)
    PS. These cookies look fantastic!