Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Very Veggie

Eric (my husband/personal chef) has been gone for almost two weeks now, and I've been cooking for myself. Between my aversion to cooking (different than baking!) and my ridiculous work schedule, it's difficult. But I'm managing, mostly by making larger portions and using leftovers for lunch and/or dinner. After the first few days I realized I hadn't had any meat. There are a couple reasons for that. I love my veggies! And I'm not that great at cooking or seasoning meat, so I just avoid it. After a few more days I decided it would be a challenge. No meat for the duration of his time away. Aside from a can of tuna, I've done it, and I'm loving it.

Today for lunch I made an Asian slaw with ginger-peanut dressing. It's got so many of my favorite things -- edamame, ginger, peanuts, cilantro. How could it not be fantastic?

The recipe calls for coleslaw; I used broccoli slaw. I don't dislike cabbage, but green vegetables are better for you than white ones, right? (I have no idea -- it sounds good, right?) I also used almond butter, because that's all I have, unsalted peanuts, and I used seasoned rice vinegar as opposed to unseasoned. I just left out the salt called for in the dressing to make up for it.

It's so good! You could add chicken if you wanted, or shrimp, even tofu. I've got a huuuge bowl left, and I'll be eating out of it for a couple days. I'll be adding this one to the recipe box.

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