Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast Beyond Smoothies

I haven't been baking much lately, except for the occasional birthday cake mailer.

But this morning I decided to try my usual smoothie in a more chewable version. My go-to smoothie is yogurt or kefir (when I can get it -- Trader Joe's is very sporadic about carrying it), a frozen banana, ground flax seed, and maybe some peanut butter with a splash of vanilla. But sometimes I want to EAT my meals, and eggs aren't always appealing to me in the mornings. So today I grated half an apple (the first half went into yesterday's oatmeal), mixed that with plain nonfat yogurt, and added a drizzle of honey, a couple tablespoons of ground flax seed, and a little cinnamon. Yum!


  1. the Co-Op always has keifer and it is so good. nothing is better for a snack or a meal than yogurt and anything. this sounds good.

  2. I figured they probably did, but it's too expensive to shop there regularly, so it's not that convenient.